BrightFunnel announces account-based marketing analytics tool

Dive Brief:

  • BrightFunnel added an account-based analytics marketing (ABM) tool to its multi-touch attribution platform for B2B marketers.
  • The tool offers marketers a number of features including engagement tracking, performance measurement of channels and campaigns, and the ability to run A/B testing.
  • BrightFunnel says ABM practitioners SevOne and Cloudera already use the new tool.

Dive Insight:

Analytics and measurement are the name of the game in data-driven marketing, and BrightFunnel sees 2016 as the year where ABM gets more substantially adopted across the board.

"Account-based marketing (ABM) is probably the hottest B2B marketing trend in 2016," Damon Waldron, director of demand generation for BrightFunnel, told Marketing Dive in an email. "Because ABM is costly from both a budget and time standpoint, we feel that most marketers are going to take on ABM as a piece of their marketing strategy, 'hybrid ABM' so to speak."

BrightFunnel said in a statement that it’s "critical" that business marketers are able to analyze ABM efforts through a single measurement platform that takes into account all marketing channels as well as both ABM and non-ABM efforts.

"BrightFunnel gets past vanity metrics to what really matters," Tommy Jenkins, SevOne’s director of global demand generation, said. "Is my ABM investment truly delivering increased conversion and faster deals? How do I optimize my ABM efforts from a channel, campaign and account perspective? BrightFunnel gives me these insights instantly."

BrightFunnel’s ABM Analytics tool includes an executive dashboard as well as an account snapshot.

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