Majority of marketers find IoT data 'extremely effective'

Dive Brief:

  • The Internet of things (IoT) is a growing space, and marketers are already taking advantage of this new data set providing deep insights into consumer preferences.
  • 2nd Watch conducted research that found 60% of business executives leveraging that data for digital marketing.
  • Even though marketers are taking advantage of IoT data, this usage is still fairly young.

Dive Insight:

The IoT – think an internet connected refrigerator that knows when you are running out of items or a home alarm system you can control with a smartphone app from anywhere – is a growing phenomenon, and marketers are already taking advantage of the data these devices provide. A 2nd Watch survey found almost 60% of U.S. business and IT execs leveraged machine data/IoT for digital marketing, although two thirds acknowledged this data usage is still in its beginning stages.

The main way IoT data is currently being used is to gain insight into consumer preferences, but most marketers are also using that data to power campaigns as well as app strategies. A strong majority (70%) of surveyed execs reported that using this data was either quite successful or extremely effective, providing some insight into the value this type of granular data brings to digital marketing efforts.

Today people are incredibly connected and producing data on their preferences and data through website behavior, smartphone activities and more. Adding the very devices they interact with on a regular basis can only add another layer of richness marketers can tap into. 

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Top image credit: Pixabay