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Incumbent consumer brands are struggling to win over empowered consumers. Demands are rising, retail locations are closing, and the Amazon effect is palpable and chilling. Giants like Toys’R’Us have already been felled by today’s unforgiving market.

Meanwhile, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have gotten an enthusiastic response from consumers. They’re making a splash in categories from apparel to personal care. DTC brands like Warby Parker and Casper have skyrocketed in popularity to become household names.

But it’s not all lollipops and sunshine for DTC brands. These challengers face a rocky road. Most are weighed down by an unsustainable economic model. Differentiation is getting hard as the market crowds. And acquisition costs are growing. The honed financial models of incumbent brands may not be as shiny, but they’re time-tested.

The story has been “DTC as silver bullet” or “DTC as passing fad.” At Consumer Marketing 2019, we’ll look past the black-and-white prognostications and point at a larger, more nuanced truth: Consumer expectations are fundamentally changing. Brands must change with it.

At the core of the DTC phenomenon are transformative ideas that can infuse your brand with energy and enable growth. We’ll discuss the market conditions that have caused DTC to flourish and what they signal about the future.

Plus, we’ll cover other topics crucial to today’s marketers: from experience design to consumer privacy to social marketing.

Join us at Consumer Marketing 2019 as we go beyond the DTC revolution.