How Retail and Ecommerce Companies Are Using Consumer Transaction Data to Gain a Competitive Edge

Nov. 17, 2021  • Webinar 2pm ET

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​Retail and ecommerce executives rely on transaction data to support real-time analyses on company performance and consumer trends. Decision makers across all categories -- from department stores and big box retailers, to ecommerce and DTC brands -- are gaining an edge with competitive intelligence, growth strategy insights, and consumer insights derived from billions of purchases.

Using case studies, Bloomberg Second Measure will show the ways that decision makers can leverage transaction data to better understand market share changes. You’ll find out how to answer questions like:

  • Is the market growing as a whole?
  • Is my company gaining, losing, or maintaining share versus its competitors?
  • What is fueling market share changes?
  • How is consumer spend migrating on a geographic level?