Consumers are more aware, more vocal, more empowered today than ever before. They want retailers and brands to reflect their values, and do so authentically. Shoppers’ desire for “Self Expression” means retailers and brands have to become more transparent, enable their customers to live a more wholesome lifestyle and build a stronger brand that shoppers care deeply about.

IBM’s “Consumer Passions 101” web-series explores four key human values that offer retailers and brands the North Star their technology investments need. Join part three of the series to learn more about:

  • What “Self Expression” means in terms of shopper expectations

  • Why retailers and brands need to retrain five foundational organizational capabilities: stores, digital innovation, supply chain, retail operations and customer engagement

  • How data and technology can enable retailers and brands to deliver on Self Expression

This episode features Mo Rajani (Director New Business Development, Strategy & Innovation, Macy’s), Rebecca Fitts (Retail & Real Estate Strategist) in conversation with Giri Agarwal (Chief Strategy Officer, Incisiv).

Other episodes available in this series:

  • Part 1, “Why Human-to-Human Connections Matter in the Digital Age”

  • Part 2, “Retraining Organizational Muscle for Urban Efficiency”