Faced with new COVID-19 challenges and more budget scrutiny than ever, retail marketers need to reach their best audiences—current customers and prospects. But that’s easier said than done – Forrester recently found that 56% of retailers can’t find the right audiences for their online campaigns.

This is a larger issue for many retailers, and one popular department store was in that camp. At the onset of COVID, they needed to better understand their customers in real-time to deliver more relevant omnichannel experiences. With Epsilon’s help, they decoded the “voice of the customer” using advanced digital auditing across search and social. As a result, they uncovered deeper insights on their key audience groups that they could use to drive segmentation, content, copy and experience decisions across channels. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The process to gain deeper insights on core customers
  • How insights can be applied to cross-channel communications 
  • How your brand can audit, inform and activate digital messages in real-time