There’s no way around it. Between the overarching cultural forces at play and society’s constant desire for timely information, we’ve entered into an era that demands agility. Brands must be able to keep pace by offering insight on the issues its audience cares about as they unfold, or risk inaction. It’s up to content marketers to respond by evolving a sector of their operations into a rapid-response newsroom. Pulling off reactive, newsroom-style content may seem daunting, but as a brand with 22 publications under our umbrella, we’ve developed a strategy for success.

In this 45-minute webinar, marketing leaders will learn:

  • Why recent evolutions across the marketing landscape make now the time to adopt a newsroom-style approach
  • How to strike an effective balance between reactive and proactive strategies
  • What it takes to build an operation that mobilizes quickly and consciously to produce (good) reactive content
  • How to pull it all off with best practices direct from Industry Dive’s newsroom