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How do the top digital agencies? mobile marketing services measure up?

Forrester Research conducted an evaluation of the top digital agencies with mobile marketing services in the United States and found that SapientNitro, AKQA, Ogilvy, TribalDDB and Razorfish are ahead of the game.   

The research company evaluated the agencies based on 37 criteria. The report details Forrester?s findings about how each agency measures up and plots where they stand in relation to each other, to help interactive marketers select the right partner for their mobile marketing efforts.

?Much has been written about the rapid pace of consumer adoption of the mobile Internet,? Forrester says in the report. ?In fact, Forrester forecasts that the number of mobile Internet users will grow at an average of 9 percent year over year for the next five years.

?In response to this growth, nearly half of the interactive marketers we surveyed told us they planned to increase their mobile marketing budgets in 201,? the report says. 

?To make the most of these budgets, interactive marketers are turning to digital agencies to create comprehensive and strategic mobile marketing programs that move their brands beyond experimentation and engage their mobile consumers effectively.?

Forrester?s evaluation focused heavily on strategy, execution, leadership and financial strength. 

According to Forrester, SapientNitro, AKQA, Ogilvy, TribalDDB, and Razorfish lead the pack. 

Client references played a big role in Forrester?s evaluation. These agencies were praised for their strategic thinking and execution skills. 

SapientNitro was chosen as one of the leading agencies with mobile marketing services because it received the highest client scores. 

According to Forrester, AKQA clients are impressed with the methodology the agency employs to develop mobile strategies. Those brands looking to make a big splash in mobile, can count on AKQA.

Additionally, Ogilvy received high scores for its understanding of the future of mobile and how marketers need to move with the industry.

As for TribalDDB, the agency got high marks for its proprietary back-end technology and its ability to integrate mobile into the multichannel mix.

Lastly, Razorfish was recognized for its sound strategic development skills and solid execution, per Forrester.

?I think agencies realize that mobile represents a fundamental shift in the way companies will do business in the future?on a similar scale to how the internet changed the way companies do business,? said Melissa Parish, an analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA. ? If they want to be relevant and maintain their trusted partner status, they need to prepare now to meet those needs. 

?And since digital agencies are frequently cast in the role of innovator for their clients, this is the next logical place to invest,? she said. ?All of the agencies understand that to be successful, a mobile strategy must not be stuck in a silo.  It?s got to be part of the comprehensive marketing approach. 

?Agencies, large and small, are going to start thinking about mobile in a real, concentrated way.  I think that those agencies that already have a foothold in mobile will see more of their revenue being generated from that practice, and more prospects coming to them for that expertise.  I also think there are likely to be some talent-grabs for very smart mobile strategists in the near future.?