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Rue La La exec: Use mobile experiences to build brand

NEW YORK ? A Rue La La executive at ad:tech said that mobile is an ideal channel for its on-the-go members as it serves as another tool to deliver an engaging brand experience. 

During the ?Mobile Marketing: From Impressions to Expressions, Why Great Content Alone Won?t Impact Business? session, panelists discussed how great content is just the opening bid for a truly effective mobile strategy. The panel was moderated by Tom Daly, director of mobile and search and global connections at The Coca-Cola Co.

?Our members are lovers of great brands and styles,? said Tom Weisend, director of user experience at Rue La La, New York.

?They?re always on the move,? he said. ?We have to be sure that we?re delivering the same brand experience.

Mobile content
Consumers must be inspired to take action, and marketers must be ready to respond and guide simple impressions to complex, enduring and profitable relationships, per the panelists.

When Rue La La first stepped into the mobile arena the company had a mobile-optimized site.

Rue La La then realized that it needed more of a mobile presence and rolled out applications for iPhone and iPad devices.

After consumers inquired about an Android app, the company recently launched one as well, although more of its traffic comes from iPhone and iPad devices.

?Fifty-percent of our mobile traffic comes from the iPhone,? Mr. Weisend said. ?Later on in the day traffic comes from the iPad.?

Recently Rue La La has been enhancing its mobile offerings with new features.

?As people engage with the Rue La La brand, we need to encourage them to look differently,? Mr. Weisend said.

?It?s about going beyond commerce and connecting with Rue La La as a brand and destination,? he said.

The company is providing experimental features to its applications and building traffic beyond the 11 a.m. rush hour.

Additionally, Rue La La is putting members in control and letting them receive push notifications for upcoming sales.

?With our push notifications, we?ve had a lot of success,? Mr. Weisend said. ?As people are sharing things on social networks, they?re also doing it on mobile.

?If you can build your brand in your mobile experience, people are willing to engage,? he said. ?You?re selling more than a product.?

Brand awareness
Mobile is not only a great channel to build consumer experiences, but also helps marketers strengthen their relationships with customers.

In a recent campaign, Miller Coors targeted customers who enjoyed its Blue Moon beer.

?We put geofences around airports across us,? said Doug Stovall, senior vice president of sales and client services at HipCricket.

?We worked with restaurant suppliers that had Blue Moon and we also promoted the initiative via Facebook,? he said.

Consumers were encourage to opt-in and when they flew into an airport they received a notification.

For example, a user who arrived at O?Hare Airport would get a message that featured five restaurants where they can enjoy a Blue Moon beer.

?We ran the program and saw a lot of success,? Mr. Stovall said.
According to Steve Mura, director of digital marketing at MillerCoors, consumers want access.

?We need to always understand what our consumers are doing,? Mr. Mura said. ?Probably the most tangible example is our guy loves Android devices.

?Eighty percent of our guys are on an Android device,? he said. ?Those are the kinds of things that you should be sure that you as a marketer are aware of.

?Obviously with Android we spend a lot of time talking to the Google folks. We also spend a lot of time understanding why they like that environment more than the Apple environment.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York