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NBA?s Cleveland Cavs generate $200K by tapping mobile

The NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers partnered with Phizzle during the 2008 Playoffs to test a mass-market mobile alerts program featuring downloadable content, contests and mobile text alerts, generating $200,000 in the process.

Part of a larger campaign called, ?Rise Up & Cheer,? the mobile component was the call-to-action on all promotional items and featured participation from quick-serve restaurant Arby?s and DiGiorno Pizza. For the Cleveland Cavaliers, for whom Phizzle has served as the official mobile provider since 2008, Phizzle?s campaign manager and broadcaster iX tools are projected to account for more than $200,000 in incremental revenues on an annual basis for the fiscal year ending June 30.

?Phizzle has used every opportunity to create and implement function and easy-to-use mobile marketing platforms for in-arena or mass-market initiatives that exceed our expectations and demands,? said Jeff Ryznar, director of strategic marketing for the Cavaliers, Cleveland, OH.

?We?ve been able to engage fans in Cavs? activities both on the court and off in ways now that we have not been able to before,? he said.

?Additionally, brand name advertisers such as DiGiorno Pizza and Arby?s are able to reach out to our fans through Phizzle?s mobile marketing solution.?

Phizzle provides clients with a Web-based platform for mobile marketing services designed to enhance fan and audience participation and engagement.

In addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers, several other professional sports organizations have partnered with Phizzle to offer customized mobile marketing services.

These include the NHL?s San Jose Sharks and Nashville Predators, the NBA?s Philadelphia 76ers and the NFL?s Oakland Raiders, as well as broadcasting industry companies such as Fox Sports and DirecTV Sports Networks.

Cavs dominate mobile marketing
The Cleveland Cavaliers deemed its mobile initiatives powered by Phizzle a success.

Gated to the 75-mile marketing radius, almost 8,000 total participants enrolled in the mobile program over a 40-day period.

This test spawned a greater partnership that includes in-arena elements.

One call-to-action cobranded with Arby?s asked fans to text a keyword to the short code 74499 for the chance to win a prize.

A Cavs-Alltel mobile promotion resulted in 1,780 new Alltel subscribers.

Phizzle provides all mobile services for the Cavaliers, including:
? Mass mobile alerts program with keywords set up to deliver fan-requested content

? In-arena ?text-to-screen? component that is featured on Q-tube as well as corner arena scoreboards

? In-arena ?pics-to-screen? component that is featured on Q-tube

? Real time voting and polling in-arena with functionality to display on Q-tube

? Flexibility to incorporate all on-screen texting results with any creative desired, with no templates or restrictions

? Enter-to-win-via-text contests that include legal counseling and the ability to monitor the number of entries and picking random winners

? Ability to send messages by carrier, lists, one-to-one messaging and, soon, location/area code

? Detailed reporting including geographic and carrier stats by messages, lifetime, MO and MT transmissions

? System updates/upgrades and 24-hour, seven days a week customer service.

Revenue summary
The Cavs? 2008 Playoff Campaign generated an additional $40,000 in corporate partner revenue using Phizzle?s campaign manager.

This test led to a multi-year agreement with the partner to present mobile alerts for the entire regular/postseason which totaled more than $660,000, about one-third of which was dedicated to digital/mobile platforms.

To date, Phizzle?s campaign manager has directly accounted for over $45,000 in ticket revenue over the past two seasons, part of the $200,000 incremental revenue total projected for this fiscal year.

In-venue mobile marketing
Having recently powered the mobile campaigns at the 2010 NBA All-Star game in Dallas, Phizzle?s Text2Screen and Broadcaster iX platforms are designed to reach fans and participants in a broad spectrum of venues with relevant advertising messages in a highly-targeted environment.

Phizzle?s customers have found that running customized mobile and digital signage promotions featuring downloadable content, contests and mobile text alerts within an in-arena environment significantly drives ticket and partner revenues.

Phizzle creates one-to-one real-time dialog with fans at specific times and places such as events, concerts and during live broadcasts.

At the forefront of mobile interactivity, designing integrated programs that harness the excitement of live events and broadcasts, while delivering high consumer response and encouraging brand loyalty, Phizzle?s mobile technology platform provides broadcasters, media companies, sports franchises, universities, corporations and publishers the ability to create and distribute content to and from mobile phones in a variety of formats.

Phizzle?s record customer acquisition and revenue growth reflects the growing demand by premium brands seeking to generate additional revenue from their fan and partner bases.

Phizzle?s customer acquisition is attributed to its ability to deliver Web-based, flexible mobile marketing services. 

A spokesperson for the NBA?s Philadelphia 76ers said that mobile marketing is a priority for the franchise and that its relationship working with Phizzle has allowed the team to broaden its mobile marketing efforts to keep its fans informed about its latest news and special offers.

The 76ers claim that Phizzle-powered mobile marketing initiatives have increased its mobile fan base by 200 percent in the past 12 months.

?The sports teams? goals they hope to achieve using mobile are to gain and establish the trust of their fans via a mobile marketing relationship, learn as much as they can about their fans via their behavior and engagement patterns and expose their ad partners to the most appropriate segments within the database,? said Ben Davis, CEO of Phizzle, San Francisco.

?They want to increase revenue,? he said. ?Broadcasters goals are to increase ratings, build value for marketing partners and increase revenue.?