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Deadpool weaves united message through millennial-centric social platforms

Film studio 20th Century Fox has taken an assertive promotional approach for its new superhero film, catering to millennial viewers likely to be interested by creating a cohesive brand message across multiple mobile platforms. 

Advertising content such as funny filters on Snapchat and promotions with millennial-centric Instagram influencers all take common themes from the movie, driving engagement by potential fans. The social media push is extensive, with the studio consistently updating the content while retaining a unified message. 

"First and foremost, Deadpool is standing out to the Millennial consumer, the general persona of the millennial consumer not necessarily each individual in the cohort, because the product itself hits the millennial consumer sweet spot," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. "The movie trailers show the movie as being edgy, irreverent, breaking the mold, funny, fast-paced, in a multi-tasking sort of way. 

"It also has the main character, and his friends striving over adversity and in later clips succeeding," he said. "The main character reaches out directly to audience members, it speaks to them directly and involves them in the story. 

"These elements all fall into the general themes that attract millennials. Millennials are thought to multi-task, look for customizable-personalized experiences they can participate in, while at the same time they strive for maintaining personal independence within a group dynamic."

Dead set on mobile 
The tone, plotline and overall film of Deadpool greatly appeals to millennial values the group as whole. Its native advertising on various millennial-focused channels has provided a strong following of fans who are likely to see it in theaters. 

Snapchat users have been using and engaging with the variety of filters sponsored by the film. During the Super Bowl weekend Deadpool shared a multitude of filters related to the big game but in way in which users thought was funny and wanted to play with. 

For instance, leading up to the day one filter featured the title character hanging on a pole with text reading ?Super Pole 50, Deadpool this Friday,? and another saying ?what a superb owl party,? along with a picture of the protagonist and an owl. Another filter was the name Deadpool spelled through emojis, which also appeared as a billboard. 

Social media shares
Instagram influencers such as the popular and comedic Betches account, which has more than 3.6 million followers, tied the film into Valentine?s Day last weekend with an image from the film featuring the main character giving his significant other a ring pop. Text on the image read, ?When your bf pretends he did not forget Valentine?s Day,? with a caption prompting guys to bring their girlfriends to see the movie for the holiday and buy her chocolates. 
A YouTube trailer picked up steam with social media shares as well, which reedited the film to seem like a romantic drama. As many consumers are already aware of Deadpool through its advertising and notoriety as a marvel comic, they easily got the joke and found the completely different spin on the film highly entertaining. 

"The marketing team is clearly leveraging the qualities of the movie and using key marketing vehicles for reaching the millennial audience, social media and video in particular," Mr. Becker said. "Their use of filters, like the Super Pole 50 Snapchat filter, is a good example.  

"It encourages social sharing and personalization," he said. "Having the character give a candy pop ring on Valentine?s Day is cringe worthy, but an experience many of had. 

"What the Deadpool marketing team seems to be doing very well is showing consistency in theme across channels while using each channel to tell the story in a unique and fresh way as only that channel can."