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Kraft slices up 360-degree marketing campaign with QR codes

Kraft is rolling out a QR code initiative as part of a multichannel marketing campaign that promotes the company?s line of cheeses.

The goal of the campaign is to show users how to use Kraft products for everyday cooking and inspiration. The mobile bar codes will appear in stores by February.

?The campaign is based on the idea that Kraft can be spark of something to make food amazing,? said Jill Baskin, senior director of marketing communications at Kraft, Glenview, IL.

?People are not getting a lot of cooking inspiration, so we are trying to be inspiring instead of telling,? she said.

Kraft Foods houses some of the world?s biggest food and beverage brands, including Cadbury, Nabisco, Maxwell House and Oscar Mayer.

Mobile recipe
The QR codes will initially be rolled out for five different cheese products and is being positioned to include more products in the future.

The mobile bar codes will be placed on packages of cheeses as well as on print advertisements.

Each product has a unique mobile bar code that when scanned takes users to an optimized landing page where they can view a recipe about the particular cheese product.

Consumers can view recipes that use Kraft cheese products in four different categories ? brunch, sandwiches, entrees and appetizers.

Users can also view recipes and pictures that walk consumers through the steps of preparing the meal.

For example, when users scan the mobile bar code placed on packages of grated parmesan cheese, they can learn how to make a parmesan and artichoke appetizer.

Users can also visit the campaign?s mobile site by typing into their device?s browser.

Kraft?s iFood assistant app will also be updated to include recipes from the campaign.

In addition to mobile, Web, print, broadcast and social media will also be used in the ?Make something amazing? campaign and will be used as part of the company?s long-term marketing efforts.

Pack on mobile
In addition to mobile bar codes, Kraft has also used SMS, mobile Web, apps and advertising for its brands, showing the importance that mobile plays in a 360-degree marketing push.

For a consumer-packaged goods brand, mobile makes an especially effective way to target consumers who might already have a long-term relationship with a brand, especially for families and moms.

Besides Kraft, other consumer-packaged goods brands have also made mobile a priority this year.

For example, Kellogg Co. recently ramped up its mobile program for the Special K brand to help consumers manage their weight-loss goals while on the go (see story).

By placing mobile bar codes on packaged materials, Kraft is able to make the QR codes stand out to tech-savvy consumers.

?Mobile bar codes feel very modern to me, and we are trying to give a facelift to our products,? Ms. Baskin said.

?The penetration of people using QR codes is still low, but it is growing quickly, and if we can give consumers access to all these recipes, it is an awesome way of delivering something to them,? she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York