Buzzvil Announces Successful Launch of First Solutions to Put Lockscreen Apps Back into Google Play Store

Posted May 29, 2018

Cloud Storage Provider Degoo Latest App to Deliver Google-Approved Lockscreen Content

NEW YORK – Mobile lockscreen media platform Buzzvil today announced that 50 app partners are once again engaging app users with lockscreen content under a new, Google-approved system.  

Apps that used Buzzvil’s lockscreen SDK were among those removed from Play Store in December 2017 as part of Google’s response to complaints that some apps (not Buzzvil-related) maliciously invaded users lockscreen.

Buzzvil, whose app partners only deliver user-requested lockscreen content, worked with Google to develop a white label program that today generates more app engagement than before they were removed from the Play Store.

Buzzvil responded to the policy change with white label apps developed for partners. Approved by Google as exclusively lockscreen apps, they work in conjunction with the primary apps on user devices to meet their request for lockscreen content.

Following an initial 90-day beta period, Buzzvil said that user migration to the new white label apps is over 100 per cent after almost 90% of its users migrated within one month (a really high percentage, we were expecting 50% on the high end), with user downloads of Cultureland and OK Cashbag pushing them into the rank of top downloads.

Buzzvil today announced that cloud storage app Degoo is the latest to use a Buzzvil solution to incentive users to add lockscreen content.

Additional app partners include Telco LG U+, CJOne.

By the numbers

Buzzvil apps deliver 5.4 billion monthly user impressions

New registered users are up 200% with a retention rate increase of 30%

17M global users in 30 countries