Using the Latest Equipment and Technology at International Minute Press Improves Quality and Saves Time

Posted Jul 16, 2019

International Minute Press, a provider of commercial printing services based in Concord, NC, has expanded their line of products & services with the introduction of customized and embroidered apparel. With the integration of the latest equipment and technology, they are now able to offer their same eye for quality and design with a range of custom printed apparel, including hats, shirts, and medical apparel to all their customers.


The new line of apparel items


The recent upgrade in custom embroidery equipment at International Minute Press’s headquarters means that customers are able to select from a huge range of new products. This includes woven shirts, polos, knits, t-shirts, children’s wear, fleeces, outerwear, workwear, caps, bags, and accessories. Bringing together these new capabilities with the custom printing allows clients to create truly bespoke items, whether as a work uniforms, promotional branding items, or for any other use.


International Minute Press offers a range of services to ensure that the client’s logo, design, or text is represented as accurately and as high in quality as possible. This includes design services that involve scanning, graphic design, and typesetting, and a printing process that ensures clients are fully satisfied with what to expect from the final product.


Products designed for the medical market


As well as the general apparel embroidery and silk-screening services on offer, International Minute Press has expanded their catalogue to include custom medical apparel. As such, clients who run their own practice can ensure high-quality, work-ready uniforms for all of their staff bearing the logo and contact details of the business. As such, they can avoid the generic uniform look, giving members of the staff the feeling of being part of the team and ensuring that customers and patients get the brand exposure that can build recognition and loyalty.


About International Minute Press


International Minute Press is a Concord, NC-based commercial printing services provider that has helped design and deliver a wide range of bespoke items for clients of all industries and all sizes. From business cards to menus, postcards to calendars, their services can be used for a wide of range of services, including establishing your business’s brand, creating promotional items, and creating custom resources to use in the workplace. Now, their customized apparel services allow for greater promotional variety, as well as the creation of bespoke uniforms that could see your team wearing the brand, proudly.


As part of the Concord business community, they have a selection of the work they have done for past clients available on the website, and regularly post news about the city on their blog.


Learn more about IMP’s new customized apparel services


To learn more about International Minute Press, their expanded catalogue of apparel products, and their process, visit their website at On the website, clients can request estimates, place orders directly, send graphic files, and design products, all online. They also offer a customer registration and login, so clients can revisit older designs, update them, and track their orders throughout the entire design process.