JotForm announces Tables, a no-code spreadsheet-powered database platform for teams

October 27, 2020

Popular online form builder JotForm announced Tables, a revolutionary way for teams to collect, organize and manage data for their marketing projects in an all-in-one workspace. 


JotForm Tables looks like a spreadsheet but acts like a database. This tool works by organizing form submission data, imported data and manually entered data in one feature-rich interface. It’s powered by a sophisticated forms engine, streamlining and simplifying data collection that can be used for real-world insights.


“Spreadsheets are great for working with data, but they have significant limitations and don’t work for teams looking to collaborate,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. “So we built something better — a tool that looks like a spreadsheet, but is much more powerful since it’s supported by a sophisticated online forms product.”


Agencies, publications, research teams, and marketing firms can use JotForm Tables to manage their projects, data collection, reports, budgets, insights and more.


Some key JotForm Tables benefits include

-Advanced searching, filtering and editing 

-Formulas and calculations

-Easy sharing via email invitations or a dedicated link

-Full customization of columns, tags and more

-250+ table templates to choose from

-Different data viewing options (Table, Report, Calendar, Cards)

-Simple data exporting

-Access to revision history 


Specific use cases include research teams collecting survey data and using JotForm Tables to generate holistic reports from it, new business teams collecting leads and using it as a CRM, marketing teams coordinating campaigns, and agencies tracking production projects.


“JotForm Tables is a perfect solution for global organizations that need a simple yet powerful way to manage their data,” said Tank.


In addition to Tables, JotForm recently expanded its product offering to include a PDF Editor that automates document generation, a Report Builder and Mobile Forms. JotForm Tables is available at no additional cost to users and is included on free starter plans. 


About JotForm


JotForm is an online form builder that’s on a mission to make organizations more productive and people’s lives easier. This all-in-one data-collection solution is perfect for gathering, organizing and analyzing important business information. With over 8 million users worldwide, JotForm is a trusted global brand that’s growing every day.