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Artificial Intelligence


Note from the editor

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the lips of marketers for years now, with the hope that the emerging technology can help transform massive amounts of customer data into highly personalized campaigns that those customers demand.

With that in mind, global spending on AI is expected to skyrocket, reaching $35.8 billion this year and more than doubling over the next few years.

But as marketers have seen, harnessing AI is not just a matter of throwing money at solutions. Even though numerous companies are already using AI in their personalization efforts, many also believe serious efforts are still a year away.

This report details multiple aspects of the changing role of AI in marketing:

  • How marketers are using AI as part of video strategies
  • Inside Walmart's AI-powered "intelligent" store
  • JPMorgan Chase's deal to generate marketing copy via AI
  • Bank of America's virtual assistant success
  • L'Oréal's use of AI for skin diagnostics

These are just a few of the many aspects affecting the evolution of AI in the marketing landscape. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into current trends in the space.

Chris Kelly Associate Editor

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