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Unsurprisingly, brand spending on out-of-home (OOH) advertising dropped in 2020 as consumers were mostly housebound during the pandemic. But this may have been more of a pause than a permanent shift, with a 23% rebound forecast for the channel in 2021 as consumers start to venture outside more consistently.

Prior to the pandemic, OOH was enjoying a renaissance with spending on the upswing as marketers sought fresh ways to break through with consumers tired of online ads. The OOH ecosystem was also benefiting from efforts to integrate digital technologies that appeal to efficiency-minded marketers by enhancing measurement and targeting capabilities.

But the momentum quickly evaporated once opportunities grew scarce for consumers to encounter billboards and digital signs during pandemic-related lockdowns. Now that COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out, several recent OOH campaigns indicate marketers are eager to test the waters again, while research suggests consumers are taking more notice of billboards and digital signs as they start to resume pre-pandemic activities like commuting to work.

In this report, Marketing Dive takes a look at:

  • How OOH ads could take on more potency as consumers start to head outside
  • How brands like Dole, Hulu and Brooklinen are leveraging the channel to build awareness
  • Where OOH is likely to fit in as marketers adjust their media spending for a post-pandemic marketplace

With consumer behavior continuing to evolve, this content serves as a reference point as marketers consider where to allocate their media budgets and provides some actionable takeaways for a channel that has the potential to influence purchasing decisions.

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There is a 23% rebound forecast for out-of-home advertising in 2021 as consumers start to venture outside more consistently. Explore what marketers need to consider when deciding where to allocate their media budgets and actionable takeaways for a channel that has the potential to influence purchasing decisions beyond 2021.

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  • Why digital OOH advertising is crucial right now
  • How brands like Uber, Dole, and Hulu are leveraging this channel to build awareness
  • What marketers need to consider for a post-pandemic marketplace
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