7 brands that get creative with stop motion videos

Chalk it up to the influence of millennials and their so-called short attention spanshort-length videos on social media have taken off in popularity. While six second long videos don’t seem long enough to make an impression, brands are finding creative ways to make a splash.

To stand out, some brands have enlisted artists like Jethro Ames, Frank Danna, and Megan Cignoli to develop mini-masterpieces on social media.

To check out some of the talent and creativity, here are brands in on the stop-motion trend.


One glance through Samsung Mobile’s Vine page and it’s clear to see the brand has fully embraced stop-motion video. Its focus is highlighting features of its phones – a perfect fit for a mobile video app.



Dunkin Donuts

Coffee and donut chain Dunkin Donuts uses stop motion Vine well.  Most often, the brand uses the medium to make product announcements – news that can often be dry – and make it a little more fun.



Hospitality site Airbnb took Vine videos a step further when it introduced the first ever short film comprised entirely of Vines at the Sundance Film Festival last year. Many of the Vine videos Airbnb received were from Twitter followers after putting out a call for creative. The result is an enchanting story that encompasses the alternative travel company’s brand.



Car brand BMW proves stop motion doesn’t have to be done with small objects moved by hand, but can be executed beautifully with things as big as a car. Showing a car’s capabilities isn’t an easy task in six seconds or with stop motion tools, but BMW makes it work.


General Electric

GE seems to always be on the forefront of new social platforms and Vine has been no different. While its Vine feed is a mix of styles, GE certainly has some impressive stop motion work displayed.





Cookie brand Oreo has received a lot of attention for its social media execution, especially since its Super Bowl black out tweet in 2013.  The brand’s Vine videos are no exception to the rule – who knew there were so many things that could come from a cookie?




Yoplait Yogurt

Yoplait is tasked with making yogurt worth following – not an easy task. Stop motion has helped the brand make fun Vines that have an element of whimsy and surprise.



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