Bloomberg Media introduced its new advertising widget, Trendr

Dive Brief:

  • Bloomberg Media introduced an advertising widget called Trendr, the first product from its Ad Innovation Group.
  • The widget groups stories about trending companies and allows marketers to buy ad placements with these content aggregations.
  • The Ad Innovation Group is creating data-driven ad products for Bloomberg.

Dive Insight:

Bloomberg Media is offering advertisers a way to leverage trending hard news with its new Trendr ad widget. The product aggregates trending stories around specific companies based on algorithms and allows marketers to buy ad placements within that content. Trendr’s tech even has the ability to pause ads if the content is unsuitable to the client, taking away one concern marketers have about combining hard news and advertising.

Advertisers do need to differentiate Trendr from the similarly named Trendrr, a Twitter company that tracks social media engagement on TV shows.

Trendr is the first product of Bloomberg Media’s Ad Innovation Group which is tasked with creating data-driven ad products. Because Bloomberg doesn’t sell ad space through open ad exchanges, it is taking steps to offer marketers data-driven ad products in house.

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Top image credit: Bloomberg Media