Facebook launches Delivery Insights for Ads Manager

Dive Brief:

  • In a wide-ranging blog post on getting value from Facebook ads, the social media giant announced a new tool called Delivery Insights that will be rolling out globally to its Ads Manager platform over the next few weeks.
  • Delivery Insights is designed to find ads that aren’t as competitive at auction and provide marketers with recommendations to improve the underperforming ads.
  • Delivery Insights are intended to help Facebook meet its goal of showing its users more relevant ads and maximizing value for advertisers.

Dive Insight:

Frustration with bad advertising is sweeping the industry.

As users increasingly adopt ad blockers, ad tech companies, publishers and marketers are trying to find better ways to reach them. Facebook's move to roll out Delivery Insights to its widely-used Ads Manager platform is one step toward helping advertisers solve that challenge. 

Delivery Insights will identify "under-delivering ad sets, meaning ad sets that are set up to reach more people each day than they are actually reaching," according to Facebook. "Under-delivery is a sign that the ad could be tweaked to be more effective at winning more auctions, and Delivery Insights explains why the under-delivery is happening and highlights suggestions for specific actions the advertiser can take to make their ad more competitive at auction.”

In addition to the new tool, Facebook revealed the criteria it uses to score the value of ads in its auctions, metrics that factor into which ad wins the auction:

  1. The advertiser’s bid value for the outcome they care about
  2. The probability that showing an ad to the person will lead to the advertiser’s desired outcome
  3. The ad’s quality and its relevance to the person

This information, and Facebook's new tool, should help marketers on Facebook better understand how to deliver value through the platform. 

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