Google's AdWords update highlights video, HTML5

Dive Brief:

  • Google just released the update of AdWords for version 11.3, which will change the landscape of advertising space on search engine results page.  
  • The update supports three significant additions, which include TrueView video campaigns, callout extensions, and HTML5 Ads. Other features include recent changes selection, meta-words in Append Text tool, and new user list types. 
  • The update arrives at the same time that Google has been making worldwide changes to the AdWords layout. The company confirmed Friday that it would remove ads on the right side of the search results page, with the exception of Products Listing Ads and ads in the knowledge panel.

Dive Insight:

Google began testing on AdWords in 2006 and enhanced those tests in 2015. The company already announced Friday that it would change the location and expanse of its advertising space, an action that became the talk of the search engine marketing community. 

The update, with three big additions, will further change SEO strategies among companies vying for more competitive Google advertising space. 

With TrueView video campaigns, advertisers can now create and edit standard TrueView video campaigns within Editor, which will allow for deeper integration of video into the main AdWords structure. Ad developers can also develop content exclusions and change targeting methods to control the audience. 

Callout extensions allow for advertisers to set up and edit callouts right in Editor and include additional, detailed information about a business, its products, and its services. HTML5 ads represents a step away from Flash, toward display ad formats that will be supported in Editor.

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