IAB has released a buyer's guide for DOOH

Dive Brief:

  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a buyer’s guide for DOOH, or digital out-of-home marketing.
  • DOOH combines the traditional marketing channel that includes displays like billboards with aspects of digital marketing such as real-time targeting and measurement.
  • The outdoor ad industry, of which DOOH is becoming an increasingly key component, has seen revenue growth for 19 straight quarters.

Dive Insight:

"The IAB’s recognition of DOOH as an emerging Internet-enabled niche is proof that real-world media has changed forever," Kinetic Worldwide Head of Innovation Mike Gamaroff wrote in a post about the guidelines for the IAB.

He explained that between being able to tailor messages for targeted audiences while providing real-time contextual content and accurately measure impact, these were some of the "linchpins" that have allowed online media to "storm through" the traditional media landscape. Gamaroff also pointed out five ways brands can include DOOH into campaigns: transact in real-time, be contextually relevant, integrate personalization, create unique experiences, and measure relentlessly.

The guide explains that as mobile and sensor technology and data continue to evolve and grow, it will propel DOOH further, allowing for more accurate pairing of data with the exact locations of DOOH posts. From the guide: "This opens the door, to even richer understanding of the audiences who see and interact with DOOH screens."

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