Marketers turn to third parties for data management help

Dive Brief:

  • Marketers are awash in data and a majority are turning to third parties to help manage that data, according to research from the CMO Council and Ebiquity.
  • Thirty percent of surveyed marketers reported their data analyzing abilities as "well" or "very well," but 33% percent reported their skills as "poor" or "very poor."
  • Previous research from the CMO Council found that only 44% marketers reported having at least moderately effective content marketing strategies.

Dive Insight:

New research from the CMO Council and Ebiquity found marketers are mixed in reviewing their ability to analyze data for personalization, and also found marketers are turning to third parties for data management. Personalization is important for marketers – VB Insight research found an overwhelming 94% of marketers reporting personalization as an effective tactic – but to execute personalized campaigns, marketers must be able to manage the firehose of data available to them. 

Two key areas where marketers sought outside help, according to CMO Council research, was in generating content marketing and analyzing and exploiting data, both cited by 72% of respondents. Other areas where marketers went to third parties included managing the data explosion, social media management and exploiting new channels.

It’s not surprising that marketers would be turning to third parties for help with content marketing, a channel on the rise, given prior CMO Council research showing less than half of marketers had moderately effective content marketing strategies in place.

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Top image credit: Flickr; Bob Mical