Per Twitter's ad exchange data, programmatic is getting personal

Dive Brief:

  • Programmatic ad platforms can track relationships with advertisers and Twitter’s research into its ad exchange found value in tech vendors and marketers taking advantage of those ongoing connections.
  • Publishers with private marketplaces that acknowledge these relationships are growing revenue 93% faster than purely open exchanges.
  • One factor about programmatic ad buying marketers miss out on is that it is more about data than automation, according to one industry insider.

Dive Insight:

Results from Twitter’s MoPub programmatic ad exchange indicate publishers are better served understanding their advertisers and offering some ad space privately, rather than auctioning everything off openly.

“We see a lot of activity that can point to key trends in the ad ecosystem. The key headline we’re leading with is how programmatic is getting personal.” Jeff Cunning, MoPub’s product marketing manager told Digiday.

Blab VP of Product Ryan Bowermaster told Marketing Dive that the amount of data being generated now requires that small armies of people decipher, evaluate and ultimately deal with the influx. Without the help of programmatic, it would be extremely difficult for people to obtain the level of knowledge and understanding to make sense of specific markets. Not only that, but programmatic allows scale, where a five-person team can do the work of a team five times the size, executing ad buys across hundreds of partners simultaneously.

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Top image credit: Flickr; Beraldo Leal