Social intel upstart Unmetric's new app helps track rivals on-demand

Dive Brief:

  • Social intelligence startup Unmetric helps marketers track their competitor's moves on social media primarily, up until now, with a desktop platform that churns out a bevy of data from which to plot counter-moves.
  • On Thursday, Unmetric unleashed its new tracking tool, a mobile app dubbed "Sense," that allows brands and marketers to keep tabs on competitors on-demand.
  • Indeed, Sense's tagline reads: "Feel the pulse of your competition in just 60 seconds a day."

Dive Insight:


Unmetric's thinking behind Sense, which marks their first foray into mobile, is that everything ends up on social media, so by skimming rivals' social activity through a single live content stream of campaign images, videos and hashtags, you can gauge what they're up to. Once installed, Sense allows users to select the competitors they want to watch from among the more than 35,000 brands in Unmetric's database.

"Customers and competitors are the two things every marketer constantly thinks about," Unmetric Co-Founder CEO Lux Narayan said in a statement on the release. But in many ways, for B2B marketers the task can be more challenging. Narayan explained to Marketing Dive that while selling B2B products and services isn't always "as sexy as selling luxury autos, for example, many B2B brands have a solid track record of producing content that sparks engagement amongst target customers."

With Sense, he continues, B2B marketers that struggle with content creation can glean insight about what resonates with similar audiences -- and then, up your marketing campaign ante.

The app is available to Unmetric clients, but others can request invite codes on the Unmetric site, and company has said a free version will be released soon.

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Top image credit: Unmetric