Study: Retailers' biggest AdWords spend is Google Shopping

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The findings underscore how the once mighty text ad, once a staple of digital marketing strategies, is seeing its role diminish as digital advertising moves toward more specialized ad formats. Google Shopping is a natural fit for retail marketers because the format has a strong visual component. Other options like location-based ads are also gaining a wider appeal. The common element is the consistently increasing importance of mobile in any marketing program. Sidecar found that Google Shopping ads converted mobile consumers as 29% of total revenue for the format in 2016, up from 17% in 2015.

Another result from the research found that Shopping ads accounted for 16.1% of e-commerce sales in 2016, a dramatic 78% year-over-year leap from 2015’s 9% figure. The findings point to the growing importance of e-commerce for retailers at a time when record numbers of brick-and-mortar store locations are closing. 

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