Survey: Marketing creatives say producing personalized content is greatest challenge

Dive Brief:

  • Rapt Media, an interactive video technology firm, surveyed marketing creatives on the challenges, priorities and technology investments associated with the evolving content marketing ecosystem.
  • Among the respondents, 83% reported producing personalized content was the greatest challenge, 94% said better content tech is the key to personalized and engaging content and 81% said increased engagement helped drive content tech investment.
  • In terms of measurement, 77% said linking performance data with content wasn’t important and 86% reported not being held accountable for business metrics from content.

Dive Insight:

"The majority of marketing professionals know content personalization is needed to drive engagement, but most focus on the channel, distribution or the ad, along with the tech that supports it, to try and accomplish personalization,” Rapt Media CEO and co-founder, Erika Trautman told Marketing Dive. “And they do this instead of focusing on personalizing the content experience itself.

"Personalizing the content experience is the road to building the engagement and trust essential to attracting and keeping customers in our time constrained, budget-constrained, media-saturated world. But it requires a shift in thinking, resource allocation and exploration of the emerging technologies that can support a new generation of personalized content.” 

In a statement, Trautman pointed out that marketers are paying more attention to “push v. pull” content, and understanding that content marketing is fundamentally different than brand or awareness advertising.

On main takeaway from the report was that the content marketing industry has reached a point where better, more personalized content can be measured and optimized.

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