Time Inc. expands programmatic ad target categories

Dive Brief:

  • Time Inc. launched programmatic print ads in February and already has expanded target categories from six to 18.
  • Each segment’s marketers can purchase ads targeted for groups such as sports enthusiasts, travelers, fashionistas and foodies.
  • A Time SVP said programmatic print was taking advantage of momentum in digital programmatic ads and make that ad buying available to print ad buyers as well.

Dive Insight:

In February Time Inc. introduced programmatic print ads for six categories, and it has already expanded the program to 18 total categories with the goal of making print more accessible to digital buyers. The reach for those audience segments ranges from 15 million to 46 million.

Andy Blau, senior vice president at Time Inc., said programmatic print ads launched to take advantage of the success of programmatic digital ads and to bring that capability to print ad buyers. He also told AdExchanger that the process isn’t completely automated and involves the sales team. 

"Executing programmatic deals is easier than IO [insertion order] advertising, but the selling process is not that different," he said. "We still believe that salespeople are critically important in the world of programmatic. We need people on the street telling buyers about Time Inc.’s brand portfolio."

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Top image credit: Flickr user Mat Honan