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Note from the editor

Despite the broader advertising pullback since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, influencer marketing appears to be somewhat resilient. Some creators saw a slight dip even as social media usage notched upward during early lockdowns, but some signs point to a gradual recovery in ensuing months as marketers target homebound consumers and turn to influencers for fresh creative while studio production remains mostly off-limits.

The once niche tactic has seen a boom in recent years with the emergence of creator-driven platforms like TikTok and new features on established channels like Instagram that are designed to appeal to influencers and their typically young fans. Before the pandemic, spending on influencer marketing was predicted to hit $9.7 billion in 2020, with 66% of marketers planning to boost their budgets in the space.

Now, influencers continue to fit into growth strategies for advertisers looking to cut through ad clutter by working with social media personalities who possess dedicated followings.

In this report, Marketing Dive breaks down:

  • How brands like Grubhub are deploying deeper influencer integrations to reach homebound followers, particularly Gen Z
  • New social platform developments and ad formats supporting the tactic
  • Consumer trends driving growth in the influencer sphere

We hope these insights help to shape your strategy for the months ahead in a rapidly evolving environment.

Natalie Koltun Editor

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