Mobile Messaging

Note from the editor

Even as video continues to drive digital ad space growth, and as app spending doubles by 2023, messaging remains a key focus for mobile marketers. 

Despite its maturity, texting is still massively popular, with businesses expected to send 2.5 trillion messages in 2019, per Juniper research. Meanwhile, mobile messaging app use continues to grow, from 2.18 billion users in 2019 to 2.48 billion by 2021, according to a Statista estimate.

The mobile messaging space is far from stagnant. Facebook is poised to shake up the space again, with plans to unify its app ecosystem and sell ads in formerly ad-free spaces. Innovative marketers continue to find new ways to use SMS, RCS and app messaging in their campaigns, and major players are investing in companies that use order-by-text.

The below report details the nuanced developments and big trends shaping mobile messaging today, tackling subjects like:

  • Facebook's plan for Messenger and WhatsApp, the latter of which will soon see ads
  • SMS and Messenger initiatives by marketers
  • An RCS collaboration by Google and Samsung

Please enjoy this deep dive into current messaging trends and be sure to check back here for future developments in the space.

Chris Kelly Reporter

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