Marketers are struggling to turn insights into campaign action: Study

Dive Brief:

  • Origami Logic released its “2016 Marketing Signals Report” based on research involving marketing professionals worldwide and found that 94% of respondents believe timely, complete and detailed knowledge of marketing signals leads to effective campaign optimization.
  • Though some 74% reported having delayed or incomplete insights from marketing activities, which is creating a barrier to measuring and optimizing their campaigns.
  • Only 39% of respondents reported being able to measure and analyze marketing signals across channels on a weekly, or more often, basis. At the same time 77% reported wanting that capability.

Dive Insight:

"The survey findings underscore the importance marketers place on having timely access to all of the marketing data now at their fingertips," Opher Kahane, CEO and co-founder of Origami Logic, told Marketing Dive. "Unrefined, channel-level performance data is no longer enough if they want actionable insights. Marketers realize that having daily access to marketing signals across all of the different channels they use is important for effective campaign optimization and overall marketing strategy optimization."

In terms of measuring marketing signals and campaign results across all channels and platforms, 60% said they didn’t have that ability.

"To make this happen, organizations need a measurement infrastructure that brings together marketing signals from various sources on a daily basis, at minimum. By having better performance visibility, marketers can be agile and make appropriate in-stream adjustments to their campaigns," Kahane said.

The research also found that social media was the most frequently measured and analyzed channel (70% reporting weekly, or more often), followed by web (65%), search (55%), display (52%) and email (50%).

Origami Logic’s research highlight the importance and challenge data poses in marketing.

Victoria Godfrey, CMO at Avention, recently told Marketing Dive, “Marketers recognize the value of data-driven insights. But when faced with the number, diversity and sheer amount of data sources – plus uncertainty about how to translate data into business benefits – they often succumb to data paralysis."

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