Spotify, Waze cross-promote core app features

Dive Brief:

  • Spotify and Waze are teaming up to bring each app's core functionalities to the other, as reported by TechCrunch.
  • In practice, this work exactly as it sounds — Waze users will be able to play Spotify playlists from the Waze mobile app, and Spotify users will be able to access Waze's navigation tools within Spotify.
  • Driving and listening to music tend to go hand-in-hand, and the new partnership between the apps will provide users with a seamless experience as well as solve some tech issues that users of both apps have brought up online.

Dive Insight:

Tying third-party services to ride-hailing or other navigation apps in the mobile space is becoming a trend, as companies like Waze provide great opportunities to catch riders during particular moments of the day like a morning commute. The Waze-Spotify synergy echoes a similar partnership recently struck between Snapchat and Uber, though it's a more comprehensive approach, essentially integrating each app's core functionality into the other. 

Spotify, for its part, has been heavily leaning on mobile moments as part of its overall marketing strategy, launching a Branded Moments ad format to catch users during six, hyper-targeted times throughout the day. Major marketers including Wendy's have been tapping Branded Moments to try and convince hungry drivers to turn into the drive-thru, and the streaming service's integration with a car-focused app like Waze could strengthen these types of campaigns. 

Waze, which is owned by Google, is slowly expanding from a simple navigation app to a more full-fledged ride-hailing service to compete with the likes of Uber. The upstart app has also been savvy when it comes to its marketing potential, taking native-esque apps for a spin with a Favorite Brands format and teaming with big names including Dunkin' Donuts. 

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Top image credit: Waze Rider