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Marketing guru launches new ad agency

Pete Kelly, former executive vice president at Relay Worldwide, announced the launch of situ8, an experiential marketing company with a non-traditional vision.

Mr. Kelly left his previous employer because he felt that in the experiential space there is as huge gap between creative solutions and actionable results.

"Our solutions will not be defined by traditional mediums but by client and consumer need, no matter what the medium," said Pete Kelly, CEO of situ8, St. Louis.

Situ8 will help clients with experiential strategy, events, sponsorships, sports, guerilla activity, Hispanic and mobile marketing.

The creative force behind situ8 is Donald McGhie, situ8's situationist and executive creative director.

Mr. McGhie was a creative director at Upshot Marketing, GMR Marketing, Saatchi & Saatchi and most recently, Ogilvy Action.

Mr. McGhie, who is also called situ8's "Idea Farmer," not only has large-scale agency experience, but also a fine arts background, which allows for a unique combination of alternative marketing strategy and creativity.

What also distinguishes situ8 is the mantra of staying "True to Form".

Situationists are creative people who understand that every moment in life is an experience.
What a person chooses to do, at any given moment in time, creates a situation.

The newly created moment is an experience for participants and a situation for others to witness.

Both men grew frustrated with the limitations that many agency machines place on this non-traditional space.

Situ8 aims to stay "True to Form" by encouraging clients to consider all avenues and opportunities that build more meaningful relationships to their audiences.

"We may not be the right choice for all brands, but we do encourage companies to experience our agency," Mr. Kelly said. "Our brand promise can't be fulfilled on paper, it must be experienced. After all that's what we do."

The company is currently testing the effectiveness of mobile TV, via a study of BarcaTV, the mobile television station dedicated to soccer.

"We are using this as a test of mobile TV," Mr. Kelly said. "We will test the profiles of the people who use the product. This will be a good test for brands that work with us in the future, interested in spending money on the World Cup or other large scale events."