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Scandinavian mobile agency Mobiento expands to the US

Sweden-based global creative mobile agency Mobiento has launched its North American presence with a flagship office in New York.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Mobiento has worked with several prominent Scandinavan brands, including H&M, Volvo Cars and IKEA, and is a key player in the international mobile marketing area, representing global brands such as adidas and Doctors Without Borders. Mobiento has produced and delivered campaigns in more than 70 countries on five continents.

?The U.S. is a large, diverse market for mobile agencies, and the greatest challenge, as far as we can see, is not taking creative risks,? said Fredrik Oscarson, New York-based CEO and executive creative director at Mobiento. ?The creative agency?s time has arrived in the U.S.

?The mobile device is the creative Trojan Horse,? he said. ?It can penetrate more deeply than any other campaign element.

?2011 will be the year of mobile creativity?brands [must] realize that technology is the fuel, but creativity is the ultimate driver.?

Mobiento is a global, business-driven mobile agency, which delivers production and creative capabilities for its clients. The company is an active member of the Mobile Marketing Association.

Rosy outlook for mobile marketing
Mr. Oscarson will lead Mobiento?s U.S. efforts.

Mobiento has established itself in Europe as a producer of mobile design, creative and user experiences, and the company now aims to deliver similar work for U.S. clients.

Until now, the company?s global campaigns have all been executed from its Scandinavian offices in Stockholm, as well as Oslo, Norway, and Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Mobiento is currently in discussions with several U.S.-based brands.

Mr. Oscarson said that a number of traditional agencies have also affirmed their interest in Mobiento?s approach and that his company will join forces with a selected few to work side-by-side to develop the agency partners? client accounts within the mobile space.

While the American market for mobile marketing has been driven by large corporations and technical providers, the European market is more characterized by creativity with more mobile agencies, rather than platform providers, per Mr. Oscarson.

In the U.S., mobile marketing has not yet realized full utilization of the channel?s capabilities, according to Mobiento.

In addition to the agency?s resources, Mobiento?s clients and partners will also have the opportunity to tap into the agency?s methodology and processes for creating, managing and maximizing their mobile relations.

Inspired by its work with celebrities, musical artists, well-followed teams and organizations and their fans, Mobiento has developed a strategic approach and vision to mobile relations called Fan Brands.

Being a fan means logic and rational decisions are replaced by emotional ones.

Mr. Oscarson said that by using the personal and intimate nature of the mobile phone, Mobiento can actually help brands develop and capitalize on fan-like relations to their customers.

Mobiento offers a series of steps and activities that turn consumers into fan-like brand ambassadors, but also measurably increase revenues per customer or fan.

Mobiento offers brand and agency clients a full-service approach to mobile marketing, including strategic consultancy, creative and concept development, graphical and interaction design, project management and technical development and production.

One of the very first brands to jump at the chance of working with Mobiento was Queen Silvia of Sweden's non-profit organization Childhood USA.

?Mobiento has a great reputation in Europe, and now that they have opened their first office in the U.S., we are very pleased to work with their local team,? said Charlotte Brandin, executive director of Childhood USA and World Childhood Foundation, New York.

Final Take
Mobiento's Mr. Oscarson