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Target promotes new grocery initiative via mobile ad campaign

Target is raising awareness for its new fresh food offerings by running mobile banner and audio ads across Pandora's platforms.

Pandora offers popular mobile applications, with the audience skewing toward younger consumers. The Target mobile ad is targeting Pandora users who are not regular Target shoppers to try to encourage them to buy its new fresh food offerings.

?There doesn?t seem to be an obvious connection [between fresh food at Target and Pandora],? said Neil Strother, practice director of mobile marketing strategies and mobile services at ABI Research, Kirkland, WA.

However, the ads make sense in that consumers listening to music will also be eating at some point.

?Combining a pleasurable activity like listening to music with eating, shopping and coupons is a good connection,? Mr. Strother said.

?This is a reminder that Target is out there with products and services you?re going to be looking for at some point,? he said.

Target did not respond to requests for comments by press time.

Fresh take
The Target ads appear on Pandora?s mobile platform.

The ads appear in between songs and tell consumers to ?Get Ready? and ?Get Fresh.?

Below this, the ad informs users that their local Target is getting fresh grocery and includes a link that users can click on to receive coupons.

Such messaging around fresh foods can be easily relevant at this time year, when consumers are thinking more about salads and grilling.

Minneapolis, MN-based Target plans to open 21 stores this year that will include an expanded fresh food assortment, such fresh produce, fresh packaged meat and baked goods.

There is also a banner ad that appears at the bottom of the screen and users are encouraged to click to find out more about Target?s fresh offerings.

Users can enter their city and state or ZIP code to find the closest Target store with fresh grocery offerings.

Consumers can also narrow results by stores with a pharmacy or stores with a Starbucks.

Vocal offering
In addition to the banner ad, the company is also running audio ads within Pandora.

There is a prominently placed link to coupons in the ad.

"Mobile coupons are becoming standard for big retailers," Mr. Strother said.

The campaign also points to Target?s continuing role as a retailer willing to try new things in mobile.

?This puts Target out there as a company that is following and leading users in new ways via mobile,? Mr. Strother said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode, Associate Editor, Mobile Marketer