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Rocawear launches mobile campaign on Boost Mobile deck

Rocawear, the urban lifestyle apparel brand co-created by rapper Jay-Z, is offering Boost Mobile customers a special promotional code to be redeemed on as part of its "I Will Not Lose" campaign.

The campaign will be served on Boost Mobile's deck, with Amobee Media Systems delivering the ads to Boost's youth audience of 4.4 million U.S. customers. The advertising will appear on Boost Mobile's BoostLive and Web homepage all of this month.

"The campaign runs on the Boost deck and there are several creative elements," said Jerardo Lara, director of marketing for Amobee Media, Redwood City, CA. "When people go on their Boost deck they see a banner ad and are directed to the Rocawear site where they get a 10 percent discount code."

The mobile initiative is part of a bigger campaign titled, "I Will Not Lose."

The campaign celebrates people from all walks of life who have overcome adversity to make the world a better place. These individuals have omitted the word "can't" from their vocabularies and have gone on to achieve in various ways.

The campaign has now been completely activated featuring multimedia exposure including grassroots efforts, radio promotions and a partnership with African-American-focused cable network BET Network. Online is part of the media mix.

The grassroots portion of the campaign will unleash 20 wrapped vehicles armed with video cameras hitting the streets in 10 markets with the sole purpose of giving customers a chance to tell their stories.

Consumers will be able to view these testimonies via their mobile device, with a pre-roll ad for Rocawear.

Amobee inserts targeted, interactive advertisements into all types of mobile entertainment and communication channels, including videos, music, messaging, games and WAP using a single, telecommunication-grade ad-serving infrastructure.

"The next mass medium for advertisers is the mobile phone and the youth market is the fastest-growing segment of mobile adoption," Mr. Lara said. "This is especially true with Boost subscribers who are about 70 percent urban youth.

"We're starting to see more digital ad dollars moving to mobile -- a medium that is always on and captures the personal attention of its users, who are checking their phones all the time for new messages or surfing the Web," he said.

"Amobee is focused on building this prized audience for advertisers, working with brands and mobile operators to reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time."

Mr. Lara said that the reach of mobile surpasses that of the most-watched cable television shows and traffic to major search engines.

In addition to extensive reach, mobile advertising offers a highly personal and relevant experience for advertiser's audiences.

Amobee serves mobile ads on networks of 11 wireless carriers in nine countries for some of the world's biggest brands including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Nokia and Procter & Gamble.

This isn't the first time that Amobee has worked with Boost.

Earlier this year, Amobee announced its partnership with Boost Mobile and the launch of its mobile advertising platform on Boost phones.

Acura, the luxury automotive brand from Honda, and Fox Searchlight Pictures, a film company that both finances and acquires motion pictures, were among the first companies to advertise on Boost Mobile's mobile advertising platform provided by Amobee.

"Mobile advertising is the most personal and effective way to reach our audience, who essentially lives on their mobile device -- they're connected 24/7 and are using their phones for entertainment, surfing the Web and much more than just phone calls," said Jameel Hassan Spencer, chief marketing officer of Rocawear, New York in a statement.

"Mobile fits our consumers' urban lifestyle and really connects with the message of our campaign, allowing them instant interaction with our brand," he said.