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Nestle?s Perrier taps mobile Web, QR codes, IVR to attract new customers

Nestlé?s Perrier Sparking Natural Mineral Water has developed a unique marketing program that uses mobile Web sites, QR codes and interactive voice response technology to attract new consumers and cultivate loyal customers.

The mobile aspect of the Le Club Perrier multichannel promotion was developed by Hipcricket. The Le Club Perrier summer campaign focused on a YouTube video that changed and evolved as the number of people who viewed it increased. 

"Perrier wants to sell product to a young demographic," said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of Hipricket, Kirkland, WA. "A key is to use mobile in a fun and interactive way that engages consumers where Perrier is sold and encourages trial and purchase.

"The social aspect of the campaign encouraged people to share the experience with friends, making the program more viral and interactive," he said.  

Nestlé-owned Perrier is all natural, sugar-free and calorie-free sparkling water.

Perrier recognized that many people would view the YouTube video via their mobile devices and felt that a mobile-optimized version of the campaign was needed. 

Perrier's YouTube page on a mobile device

Hipcricket was brought on board and built mobile Web sites in English and French. 

SMS and QR code calls to action were embedded into Perrier in-store advertisements, asking consumers to join the party. 

Perrier in-store advertising with mobile calls to action

Consumers could text the keyword PARTY to short code 492837.

Texting in or scanning the QR code led consumers to the mobile-optimized site at 

The mobile site at

In addition to the mobile call-to-action embedded into Perrier in-store advertisements, the company?s English-language mobile promotion included an IVR campaign that offered another way for consumers to reach the mobile landing page.  

Cocktail napkins with a ?hand-written? phone number jotted on it encouraged consumers to call the number. 

When they did, a woman who seemed to be at a party picked up and told the caller to ?press one? to get directions to the party.  

When the caller did so, a message was sent to his or her mobile phone with a link to the mobile page.  

The campaign is a great example of the creative possibilities mobile offers in terms of engaging consumers. It is also evidence of all that is possible when a multichannel mobile approach is taken. 

"Perrier understands that not everyone has a smartphone or a QR code reader, so it was important to offer multiple means of engagement to potential customers," Mr. Hasen said. "By giving consumers the choice, Perrier expanded its reach to nearly everyone carrying a mobile device.
"Traditional media won?t reach potential customers where Perrier is sold," he said. "Mobile goes everywhere and is an anytime channel, ideal for Perrier to reach a consumer on the go."

Final Take 
Le Club Perrier is the first Youtube video that evolves with the number of views

Giselle Tsirulnik is deputy managing editor on Mobile Marketer