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Oreo centers product launch campaign around mobile game, social media

Nabisco?s Oreo is plugging its new line of cookies through a mobile ad campaign that lets users interact with the products.

The ads are appearing in the New York Post iPhone application. In addition to the mobile game, social media is heavily incorporated into the ads.

?Mobile is the No. 1 device used for social media ? that makes it very simple as to how brands deliver their socially aligned and integrated campaigns,? said Adel Jalili, chief experience officer at Interface Human, Los Angeles.

?The ease of use of the device plus the existing and already engaged audience makes the conversion rate far higher than any other medium,? he said.

Mr. Jalili is not affiliated with Oreo. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Oreo did not respond by the press deadline.

Sweet deal
The Oreo ads promote the company?s new line of fudge crème cookies with copy that reads, ?We?ve got you covered.?

The ad then expands to feature a picture of a conveyor belt with Oreo cookies on it next to a bag.

To play the game, consumers tap on the screen as the cookies move down the conveyor belt to cover them with fudge. In order to pass a level, consumers must cover ten cookies with fudge and drop them into the bag. With each level, the conveyor belt speeds up.

For a product launch, incorporating a mobile game and rich media lets users physically interact with their device, which can be particularly effective at increasing brand awareness, especially for the launch of a new product.

After users finish either a level or the entire game, a landing page encourages users to either learn more about the products or connect with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Oreo does not have a mobile site. Therefore, landing pages are a great way for Oreo to plan a mobile campaign around so that users are not forced to pinch and zoom in on content.

Additionally, by heavily promoting social media with large buttons, Oreo is able to leverage its strong social media presence to create more of a one-on-one relationship with consumers.

Past initiatives
Oreo has had several mobile initiatives in the past year.

Earlier this year, Oreo used a mobile video campaign that also heavily promoted social media for the cookie brand?s 100th birthday (see story).

The Kraft-owned Nabisco product also partnered with Dairy Queen this year for a massive mobile check-in initiative to celebrate its anniversary. Users can check-in at 100 Dairy Queen locations for the chance to win $100,000 (see story).

?Mobile is the single device that users have with them at all times, which maximizes the exposure opportunity for brands and makes mobile the most important part of any multichannel campaign,? Mr. Jalili said.

?Being a single-task device due to its display dimension, users have no choice but to tune in to the content being viewed at any time,? he said. ?Considering how many hours each user spends on their mobile per day, the conversion rate and exposure opportunity is much higher than desktop since viewers on desktop can look at other content while the ad is being displayed."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York