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San Antonio visitors bureau sees 60pc engagement rate for rich media campaign

A recent rich media mobile ad campaign from the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau saw more than 60 percent of targeted consumers engage with the ad, spending an average of 19 seconds interacting with the creative. 

The ad targets users in Dallas, Houston and Austin, encouraging them to book a romantic getaway in Alamo City. Part of a larger campaign involving TV and print, the mobile ad unit includes an animated video offering tips for properly applying cologne.

?Mobile is continually becoming a stronger medium for content consumption,? said Frank Weishaupt, chief operating officer at Jumptap. ?The on-the-go nature of the devices lends itself to quick segments of engagement and utility; offering the consumer useful information in a fun, interactive way.

?The campaign boasts excellent rich media delivered through Jumptap?s newly available Overlay Ad Unit,? he said

?Humor, video length and interactivity all contribute to the success of the campaign. Targeting was also a key aspect.?

Sweet smell of success
The campaign launched on January 15 and is still running across Jumptap channels such as Travel, Entertainment, Men?s Lifestyle, Sports, News & Weather, Movies & Music.

The ad starts as a banner that rotates through different copy asking users if they smell too much, too little or just right and then encourages them to tap on the ad to view cologne tips. After they tap, the mobile screen is taken over by the image of the top of a spray cologne bottle with yellow spray coming out of it.

The cologne bottle then disappears and users see a screen that says "San Antonia Presents the Gentlemen?s Guide to Cologne.? Below the copy is a button users can tap to watch a video.

The animated video that follows is set to music and depicts a man in the bathroom putting on either too much, too little or just the right amount of cologne along with rules such as "Don't Over Season," and "Leave the Mixology to the Bartender."

After the video ends, another screen pops up encouraging users to find more gentlemanly tips at, where there is also information about how to book a romantic getaway.

Rich media benefits
One of the benefits of rich media ads is that they provide more measurable metrics beyond the click-through rate for standard banner ads

In addition to the time spent in the ad, most users who viewed the expanded ad viewed all three pages of it.

The ad is averaging 2.3 page views per user.

The ad unit is a rich media overlay unit from Jumptap, which used Celtra?s AdCreator tool to help craft the unit.

"This is an important campaign for the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, and we wanted to ensure that every element was big, bold and engaging," said Ly Tran, director of digital strategy and architecture at Proof Advertising. "We tapped Jumptap for their mobile rich media and mobile targeting capabilities, but really lucked out when we were the first to implement the Mobile Web Overlay ad unit.

?Though still running, the results speak for themselves ? more than 60 percent of our audience engaged with the unit, spending an average of 19 seconds clicking through the ad,? she said. ?Adding mobile to our larger campaign helped us reach the on-the-go audiences primed for travel."

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York