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Fiat sees 80pc completion rate for video in rich media ad

Chrysler supported the launch of its new four-door Fiat 500L with an interactive rich media ad leveraging finger swiping that led to strong engagement levels from consumers on tablets and smartphones.

The iPad first interaction rate was almost two times higher than the benchmark. Additionally, the video completion rate was nearly double the industry standard at 80 percent, and the average video play time was 31 seconds.

?We wanted to maximize awareness and engagement for this launch in a way that aligned with the fun, flirty Fiat image,? said Julie Galea, senior director of sales for the automotive category at Jumptap, Boston. ?So we used a brand new rich media execution, a high impact interstitial where the user unlocks the ad by driving the Fiat out across the screen with the swipe of a finger.

?By crafting these units we were able to play to the strengths of each of the forms and we showcased different features in different mediums,? she said. ?The tablet unit showcased product features and 360 views. We also had high impact video, a photo gallery, a colorizer. We also had a dealer locator.?

Chrysler worked with Jumptap to roll out the rich media ads.

Flirty Fiat
Jumptap helped Chrysler create an ad that represented the brand?s flirty image.

The companies packed the rich media ad with different features, including a photo gallery, a 360-degree view of the car, a colorizer that lets consumers change the color of the car and video. The ad also helped consumers locate the nearest dealership.

To open the ad, consumers have to drag the Fiat across the screen by swiping with their fingers, almost like unzipping a zipper. This unlocking action supports the Fiat?s tagline, ?Unlock your more.?

Jumptap also helped Chrysler target the ad to specific audiences. The ad showed up in apps and mobile sites across different channels, including music, art and design, fashion, technology, pop culture and entertainment and the social and active lifestyle.

Jumptap used insights and analytics to confirm that the consumers that were engaging with the ads tended to be fashionistas and foodies, confirming that they were targeting the right pop culture audience.

Cross-device ad
Chrysler was also able to feature different facets of the ad depending on the device that the ad was displayed on.

For example, if a consumer opened the ad on a smartphone, the video would be prominent. If a consumer opened it on a tablet, it would showcase the product features and 360-degree views.

Jumptap also found that the engagement varied based on whether the ad was opened from within an app or browser.

In apps, consumers engaged more with the colorizer feature, but on the Web, they engaged more with the video.

?The ad unit created excitement among Fiat?s on the go consumers in media that were really important to this mindset Fiat encompasses, and it drove traffic to their site,? Ms. Galea said. ?We were then able to leverage our audience. It generated a lot of awareness and traffic. Those were the biggest driving features.

?[Fiat] has tremendous success with their creative and so just taking that incredibly dynamic creative video and putting it in front of the right audience really captured that digital consumer?s attention, and I think it?s the perfect example of successfully combining art, the rich media, and the science, which is our targeting, and making sure it?s in front of the right consumer,? she said. ?That combination made it extremely successful.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York