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Instagram, Vine point towards growing mobile native advertising opportunity: Vaynermedia exec

NEW YORK ? A Vaynermedia executive at the ad:tech New York 2013 conference last week said that the kinds of campaigns that Instagram is beginning to run have the possibility of moving the needle for mobile and digital advertising.

One of the more interesting topics brought up during the ?The Real Online Connections? session was that mobile and digital have shaped consumers to be highly aware of when they are being marketed to. Native advertising is one tactic that marketers and publishers are taking to work around these consumers that are becoming more opposed to advertising.

?I believe in native because I don?t think most people in this room like to be intruded of what they actually want to do to be sold something,? said Gary Vaynerchuk, cofounder of Vaynermedia, New York.

?I don?t think there?s anybody in this room who?s pumped when they go to a Web site on their mobile device and a pop-up ad takes over the entire screen,? he said. ?What native does is it?s storytelling to you without disrupting you from what you want to do. It?s in-stream. You?re scrolling through your phone and then you get an ad that?s not stopping you from what you?re doing.

?I think if you can actually bring value or make it more intuitive or less disruptive, there is goodness that comes along with that.?

The session was moderated by Katie Kulik, global senior vice president of sales and marketing at CBS Interactive, San Francisco.

Bombarded consumers
Thanks in large part to mobile devices, the amount of content and information that is being thrown at consumers is higher than it has ever been before.

However, Mr. Vaynerchuk does not think that it is too much information. 

Instead, it represents more garbage for consumers to be inundated with. This gives marketers a bigger opportunity to break through with great content.

This means that there is a low cost to entry for brands and marketers for storytelling with scale.

Mobile native advertising in particular has a big opportunity with storytelling because the content shows up in a stream that does not distract from what a consumer is doing, according to the executive.

Native advertising is essentially a form of advertorial, according to Mr. Vaynerchuk.

Multiple screens
Given that consumers are on multiple platforms, brands should at the bare minimum have a presence on as many platforms as possible. However, each platform requires its own strategy to push out specific content.

Take Vine, for example.

The platform has found a niche for comedians that are not able to produce longer video content on YouTube, but can create a compelling six second video clip.

As the number of digital platforms grows, consumers are able to sniff out advertising and know when they are being marketed towards.

Although social commerce has hit some snags in the past from consumers that do not want to be marketed to while logged into sites, Mr. Vaynerchuk acknowledged that is an area that marketers are looking to better figure out.

?There are a lot of people quietly selling a lot of stuff through social networks that are thrilled that nobody?s paying attention so their competitors don?t get on to it because they?re driving a lot of conversion on these platforms,? Mr. Vaynerchuk said.

?I will tell you that there are a lot of entrepreneurs that have start-up apps right now that are using Facebook Dark Posts for customer acquisition and crushing the metrics,? he said.

?But they don?t want anyone to know because it?s a new funnel for them.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York