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Kellogg ads integrated into the scroll on The Weather Channel?s new app

The Weather Channel launched a new application yesterday, with Kellogg as the first advertiser to take over the app?s new newsfeed format.

The consumer-packaged-goods brand has a strong heritage, and while its products continue to evolve, the cereal maker looks to introduce another layer to its digital campaigns, pushing a more targeted advertising approach within the app. Some of Kellogg?s recent marketing work revolves around pioneering the world of addressable media, as it approaches selling as a game of numbers and hard science.

?Kellogg's is a great partner and we're thrilled it's the first to run in the new app. They've taken over the three primary ad positions in the scroll the first five days the app is available but we're very smart with their approach, owning only the first impression of the day during to effectively showcase their breakfast products,? said Randi Stipes, vice president of client solutions for The Weather Company, Atlanta.

Bringing science to the table
Kelloggs' partnership with The Weather Channel app is on par, with banner ads and box units that pop off the screen when users access the app.

Kellogg's banner ad inside the app

Kellogg has placed itself in a prime position to reach consumers, as it intentionally plants advertisements in a logical and emotionally invested third-party content space like The Weather Channel app.

The flashy ads feature various Kellogg breakfast cereals that promote the meal as an essential way of beginning the day right.

When clicked on, the ads redirect to the manufacturer?s Web site, where they can learn more about Kellogg?s product offerings.

Tactile loses lust
Now that consumers operate within a digital and mobile omni-channel world, marketers must maintain brand position in consumer paths, as they have countless tools and applications at their disposal to search, compare and seek out advice.

Product displays and retail shelves are no longer as enticing or effective in persuading consumers anymore, especially for a brand like Kellogg which is essentially at heart, still a box.

And a retailer?s Web site is simply not the go-to source for consumer research or questions anymore.

Kellogg is masterful at market segmentation, and its advertising relationship with The Weather Channel furthers that effort the Kellogg brand.

As a breakfast and convenience food manufacturer, Kellogg?s knows consumers who eat their first meal of the day do so while getting ready or commuting to work, and are the most likely segment to monitoring a weather application for up to date impactful information.

During the 2012 Olympics, The Weather Channel similarly partnered with Burberry for a campaign which saw the brand supply all the advertising on TWC iPad apps worldwide. The iPad app displayed local London weather conditions alongside images of relevant products, such as sunglasses and umbrellas, which were updated dynamically based on the changing weather conditions and temperatures.

The Weather Channel has also notoriously used mobile in the past to promote time or weather sensitive products.

For example, Starbucks used a mobile ad that was targeted by ZIP code to promote its brewed coffee, and Subway has ran a campaign on TWC app that only took place in the morning from 5 to 11 a.m to advertise its breakfast menu items. Further, an ad campaign from Wendy?s to promote its berry frosty products was only served when it was more than 75 degrees out.

Sunny skies
The new Weather Channel app offers more than just prime advertising real estate.

The updated version offers up streamlined design and access to more layers of key weather data and a social component where users can report weather conditions and photos from their current location.

Other improvements include faster radar maps, flight delays, the ability to swipe left and right to view favorite locations and a tweaked app icon.

?Our new iPhone app was redesigned with both users and marketers and mind. The interface is now a clean vertical scroll that gives fans immediate access to weather forecasts, video, richer content in one easy scroll," Mr. Stipes said.

?Advertising has been seamlessly integrated into the scroll so marketers are part of the experience as users engage with the content. And the addition of content modules like Airport Conditions, Pollen, Cold & Flu and additional modules coming later this year provide marketers terrific contextual sponsorship opportunities at massive scale.?

Final Take:
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