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Renault launches highly targeted mobile campaign targeting electric car enthusiasts

Renault is raising awareness of its electric car Zoe and driving traffic to local dealerships via a highly targeted mobile ad campaign that looks beyond location to ensure the right consumers are reached.

To connect with nearby consumers in Britain who might be interested in an all-electric car, the campaign uses a combination of data sources, including proprietary Apple data, Mosaic data and first-party data from Weve as well as demographic and socio-economic variables. The campaign is a good example of how marketers are looking beyond location targeting to fine-tune their ad campaigns.

? As we move forward, mobile targeting is continually improving and the biggest change we are seeing is how we are utilizing location data to reach our audience,? said Roberto Agosti, mobile manager at Manning Gottlieb OMD, London.

?Where before scale was always a limitation in complex targeting, with the mass adoption of the smartphones and tablets we are seeing the amount of content people consume increase exponentially meaning that we have more and more opportunities to reach them,? he said. ?This means that we are increasingly seeing examples of innovative and clever targeting that would not have been properly possible six months ago.

?While using geo-targeting provides a measure of relevance we know that not everyone walking by a dealership will be looking to purchase a Zoe vehicle so we needed to go one step further. The combination of our research team, Evidence, identifying various key Mosaic groups and many of our partners having proprietary data allowing them to identify in-market car consumers meant that we could make each media moment count.?

Renault worked with agency Manning Gottlieb OMD on the campaign, with the creative designed and built by Mobile 5 using creative concepts by Publicis.

States of being
The ads are appearing on the mobile devices of qualified consumers who browsed relevant content or called dealerships on their phones.

The messages are appearing on smartphones and tablets within a five-mile radius of Renault dealerships, with some difference in creative based on the device being used.

?We understand that smartphones and tablets reach users in different states of being so we ensured we had nice large impactful creative driving through to destination for the more snackable smartphone instants while a longer more engaging rich media journey for when users were at home relaxing with their tablet,? Mr. Agosti said.

The markets being targeted include Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow and other areas indexing highly as electric car buying markets.

Leveraging location targeting enables Renault to target areas where interest in electric cars is high. Combining this with demographic or behavioral data ensures the ads are relevant to recipients.

Reducing waste
The ads identify how far the distance is to local landmarks and how little it would cost to get there in a Renault Zoe, raising awareness of the economic benefits of the electric car.

Consumers are also invited to discover more or book a test drive.

The campaign will run for 9 weeks to complement an offline campaign also planned by Manning Gottlieb OMD and events hosted by Renault at local dealerships across the target cities.

?The ability to target by location can be a powerful thing however it generally comes with two dangers: either you stop there and risk significant wastage or you overlay too much data and end up only able to reach a very limited audience,? Mr. Agosti said.

?By ensuring we used the appropriate level of both elements of targeting we ensured a highly targeted campaign capable of reaching a comprehensive audience,? he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York