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Dos Equis scares up mobile engagement with Halloween campaign

Dos Equis is leveraging technology for its Masquerade campaign, including a social media contest and a virtual reality experience, to be introduced for the Halloween season.


The alcohol brand?s Masquerade campaign was developed to build on the theme of new worlds of discovery and mystery that the fall holiday encompasses. Aspects of the 2014 program include parties, a national contest and virtual reality experiences via headsets.

?As long as it?s an extension of a campaign, I think Dos Equis has done an amazing job of leveraging branding and extending the campaign into a virtual experience, which is a great way to create bar chatter,? said Michael Hayes, chief revenue and marketing officer for UberMedia, Pasadena, CA. ?That does entice a trial with customers.?

UberMedia is not affiliated with Dos Equis, but agreed to comment as a third party mobile advertising expert.

Interactive content

Users have several options to steer the narrative and can control some of the plot based on their path of choice, which then lead to new vignettes.


Dos Equis fans may also enter a national contest to win a paid trip to meet The Most Interesting Man and enjoy a performance by artist Q-Tip in New Orleans on November 22, 2014. Guests have until October 31 to post their Halloween and Masquerade-related photos onto Instagram with the #XXMasquerade hashtag.


They may also upload photos to Six fans over the age of 21 will win the paid trip for two.


If consumers prefer not to enter via social media sites, they may purchase Dos Equis beer and text or email a photo of the receipt to the designated email address, . Each photo counts as another opportunity to win.

Virtual technology

Virtual technology is also a vital aspect of the Masquerade program. In bars across the United States, Dos Equis will provide headsets that allow fans to enter into what it refers to as a virtual Masquerade bash.


Fans will be guests of honor at The Most Interesting Man?s party, and will encounter unusual experiences.


Dos Equis is using the latest technology to bring this virtual experience to individuals, as part of its efforts to make the brand stand out. It hopes for consumers to be excited about experiencing the intrigue and surprises the party is set to offer.


Virtual reality is steadily gaining traction in the marketing industry and is being integrated more into social platforms in order to provide consumers with all-inclusive, sensory experiences. Virtual reality headsets made headlines earlier this year when Facebook acquired headset manufacturer Oculus VR (see story).


?Because Dos Equis has done a good job of leveraging The Most Interesting Man, extending that into a virtual experience is good branding, but also does entice new customers,? Mr. Hayes said.  ?I think that makes a good virtual reality experience.?


?You have to have something that consumers are already familiar with in order to have that trial usage,? he said. ?People are always looking for things to talk about in bars.?


Final Take

Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York