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Toyota leverages iAds for 360-degree interior view

Toyota is using Apple?s iAd mobile advertising platform to provide users of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with a 360-degree view of the interior of the all-new 2015 Camry embedded in mobile applications and Web sites.

The ad unit is part of a Saatchi and Saatchi Los Angeles campaign, ?One Bold Choice Leads to Another,? that also includes a tablet ad connected to Google maps, which allows users to see the new Camry in their destination of choice. Automakers are heavily playing up 360-degree views, rich media and other tactics that drive engagement with younger buyers who resist traditional media and advertising campaigns.

?Rich media and 3D visualization technologies will become mainstream within a few years,? said Sheryl Kingstone, Toronto-based research director for Yankee Group. ?As consumers do research from their mobile phones and iPads, businesses will want to ensure the experience is not just informational, but engaging to draw the customer into the ad. 

?Static ads can't compete,? she said. ?It can't even communicate the same information as a visually engaging interaction.? 

Standing out
Driving the Camry campaign is a research finding that Generation X, one of the target demographics for the campaign, liked being perceived as a group of individuals who stand out. To capture the boldness of the Camry?s new redesign for consumers, the campaign storylines reflect unexpected and emotional thrills found in life, Toyota said.

Camry banner ad.

The Japanese automaker is partnering with Facebook in a data-driven creative campaign that leverages more than 50 pieces of content to deliver meaningful messages to users specifically based on their interests, preferences and car shopping habits.  The 2015 Camry also will be featured in ads on YouTube.
The Camry campaign also will see Toyota launch an action-packed interactive film on Instagram and other social video channels. Toyota also will bring together a diverse group of social influencers with artistic backgrounds to allow fans and followers to create a one-of-a-kind art project. 

Camry ads can be viewed on mobile-optimized sitse for Yahoo, MSN, Living Social and the Weather Channel. In-app games award points for interacting with the video ad units.

A Camry iAd invites users to go inside the banner unit and become immersed in one driver?s adventure. Using Apple?s gyroscope technology, the user experiences the situation from the driver?s seat through both audio and video components. 

A Camry banner ad on the Yahoo home page takes the viewer to an ?Explore Camry? button. Clicking the button takes him or her to, where the car?s various model buttons are displayed. Clicking a button reveals the model?s basic price, gasoline mileage and feature information. Clicking the ?request a quote? button takes the consumer to a form where the viewer can request a dealer quote.

The campaign is the first launch initiative under the Total Toyota, or T2, model, a total market model that created a more cohesive marketing approach. All of the T2 agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Burrell Communications, Conill, InterTrend Communications and Zenith, came together under Saatchi LA?s leadership to arrive at a core idea for the campaign. 

Toyota?s leveraging of mobile to drive engagement with the vehicle is partly aimed at keeping the Camry a top generator of sales. The brand has sold more than 10.2 million U.S. units since first going on sale in 1983.

Connected car
A year ago, Toyota promoted its 2014 Corolla compact car line with voice-activated banner ads. When consumers clicked on a banner ad, the creative expanded to a full page and the ad began telling consumers about the features in the car. The ad then walked consumers through all the parts of the connected car experience.

Toyota is no stranger to mobile ads.

The ad was also customized to users. For example, the voice-over in the ad prompted consumers to pick from three different options to learn more about the car. The ad then served up several different pieces of information.

Other brands which tapped mobile to connect with buyers include Chrysler?s Jeep, which used a pull-down mobile ad unit to show off its 2014 My Cherokee car. Ford last fall had an ad that let consumers drag a car across a map or pack up a vehicle.

?Rich media can create an immersive and dynamic experience that can be used not only for marketing, but also after-care support,? Ms. Kingstone said. ?I fully expect that gamification will also grow in demand as businesses try new ways to engage a mobile-first audience.?

Final Take
Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York.