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Adidas campaign encourages 250K runners to create customized Spotify playlists

The Adidas #BoostYourRun campaign drove more than 250,000 users in four weeks to a branded hub on Spotify?s mobile application where they could create a customized playlist. 

Developed by advertising platform Mapp Media, #BoostYourRun, was designed to offer Adidas customers playlists tailored specifically to their runs. Consumers were encouraged to visit the Boost Your Run Web site and enter their locations, favorite running song, desired running distance and level of difficulty before being matched with a customized playlist on the Spotify app.

?We were responsible for driving fitness enthusiasts to the hub from the fitness platforms we represent such as Runkeeper ? we drove over 250,000 unique visits and over 70,000 routes were created in the hub, although not all from the user we drove there as some arrived from Adidas?s and Spotify?s promotion,? said Nathan Warner, director of Mapp Media, London.

Driving fans to Spotify
The partnership was ultimately able to bring Adidas? many fans to the Spotify platform. Part of Adidas? advertisement campaign for its Boost line of running shoes, the campaign offered users several routes to select from, and the appropriate songs to help them stay motivated.

The promotion recently won best mobile advertising campaign at the Mobile Entertainment Rewards.

Consumers added their chosen routes to their Runkeeper accounts with the tap of a finger, where it was stored for their next run. Users also received a map displaying popular running routes in their area to choose from.

After signing into Spotify, consumers would see their customized playlist appear under #boostyourrun, the name which it was saved under.

?Spotify used their algorithms to create playlists based on the artist and song the user selected as well as with the intensity level,? Mr. Warner said.

Spotify joined in on the promotional aspect by offering the playlists for free on its app. Any user that signed up for the Adidas newsletter also received the opportunity to win a year of Spotify premium.

Winning campaign
Mapp Media was able to help drive users to the Spotify hub with unique native advertising placements, and powered the route element. The design of the campaign, coupled by the powerful results of over 250,000 users driven to the Adidas hub, culminated in winning the Best Advertising Campaign award at the Mobile Entertainment Awards, held on Nov. 13.

Mapp Media is looking forward to future promotions and partnerships with Adidas after this year?s successful advertisements.

?We have worked with Adidas on a couple of other brands this year such as the Adidas Predator football boot ? which ran across a football participation platform. We have also been discussing plans in global ideas in 2015, which are under wraps at present,? Mr. Warner said.

The partnership of two major brands was likely a significant reason behind the popularity of the campaign, as were the interactive elements.

?Adidas was looking to offer their runners a unique experience, a planned route and a playlist to help #boost your run!? Mr. Warner said. ?The benefits were the seamless combination of the route planning and music choices and the personalization features.

?This is what nicely complemented the boost messaging behind the brand.?

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York