ARCHIVES: This is legacy content from before Marketing Dive acquired Mobile Marketer in early 2017. Some information, such as publication dates, may not have migrated over. Check out the new Marketing Dive site for the latest marketing news. seeks measureable ads for retention, acquisition is using a new ad platform that measures retention, acquisition, ROI and more in a quest to accrue sales.

Teaming with AppsFlyer, the two have designed a technology among a time they believe that publishers are looking for a new ad solution as the New Year approaches. 

?As gets users for each install, they quickly learn who exactly their users are and are able to rapidly increase their user base,? said Ran Avrahamy, head of marketing at AppsFlyer. ?In addition, the users that install the bundles are interested in various fitness verticals so the company learns to focus on this segment to create apps in a dozen of different verticals. 

?The users that in turn use several of the company?s apps also provide data and
cross-promote the connections between the fitness verticals,? he said.

Pushing ROI
AppsFlyer, a mobile advertising measurement platform, launched what it claims to be the first ad tracking service, capable of measuring user acquisition activities for bundled iOS apps. Developed in partnership with, a provider of mobile fitness apps. 

The technology allows bundlers to measure and optimize user acquisition campaigns across more than 700 traffic sources, including Facebook, Twitter and Google. and AppsFlyer hope the new capability will empower app publishers to significantly change their user acquisition and revenue strategies.

App bundles, which are collections of up to 10 paid apps sold together at a discounted price, were introduced to Apple App Store in September with the release of iOS 8 and represent a new opportunity for many app marketers. While ApplsFlyer claims that app bundling has helped many publishers increase sales, they also believe publishers have been hesitant to invest marketing budgets into user acquisition campaigns for their app bundles because there has apparently been no way to measure the effectiveness of these UA activities.

AppsFlyer claims its new technology offers something new compared to conventional measurement platforms.

Testing it is a publisher that claims to have more than 50 million global users and a selection of 30 fitness apps and has been searching for such a solution. has introduced five bundles of popular apps but the company could not justify continuing to run paid advertising campaigns without the ability to measure their effectiveness and calculate ROI.
AppsFlyer is able to measure the full lifecycle of bundled app advertising including attribution, mobile campaign analytics, in-app user engagement, lifetime value and ROI.

?With more consumers turning their eyes to the second and third screens, mobile plays a significant role within advertising initiatives,? Mr. Avrahamy said. ?With millions of apps out there, getting loyal users to discover your apphas become nearly impossible without running user acquisition campaigns.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York