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Levi's refreshed branding campaign leverages a trio of mobile tactics

Additional reporting provided by Michael Barris

Levi's is adding three mobile strategies to its repertoire for a recent update to its Live in Levi?s campaign, hoping to reach a wide range of consumers on their smartphones via geotargeting, image recognition and retargeting.

Levi?s is leveraging important partnerships in the recent revamp of its iconic Live in Levis campaign, promoting the launch of the redesigned women?s denim collection using a popular music artist and numerous mobile applications to become a significant mobile player. Consumers? experiences on mobile vary, as devices are highly personal and no two user operates in the same manner, which makes rolling out campaigns on various mobile channel is vital to Levi?s. 

"Our approach to mobile continues to evolve as consumer behavior does," said Jen Sey, chief marketing officer at Levi's. "We view mobile as the ultimate omnichannel connector that allows consumers to find our product anywhere, anytime, thus connecting them with their next favorite pair of jeans. In addition to a mobile optimized site experience we ensure our campaigns are also optimized for mobile.

"In order to ensure consumer connection through mobile we develop mobile optimized assets for all campaigns and ensure we have strong reach across mobile devices through baseline as well as high-impact placements, such as YouTube mobile mastheads and front door placements on highly used apps like Pandora and Flipboard," she said. "In addition, we continue to test new mobile opportunities to offer consumers a deeper brand experience and drive them in store or to 

"In Fall 2015 we will be leveraging mobile in a few additional new ways."

Technology assistance
The popular Shazam app has been consistently introducing new technologies that bridge the gap between consumers and marketers through mobile engagement. This campaign allows for Levi?s to connect further with its users through mobile scanning to increase impulse buys and fall season sales. 

A millennial favorite, Shazam started out as an app in which users could identify a song playing near them by holding their phone to the speaker playing the song. The app?s functionality has moved past a music identifier and now offers a wide range of possibilities for marketers such as Levi?s to organically reach consumers. 

Brands and marketers advertising efforts can now be matched monetarily, rather than simply creating consumer awareness. Shazam users seeing Levi?s advertisements in magazines or viewing a television ad can seamlessly access more information by ?shazaming? the marketing content. 

Users can scan a print ad from a magazine through Shazam, or click listen for the app to hear the radio or television ad for more information and to view apparel from the updated Levi?s line. 

Levi?s is also leveraging geo-tagging to direct users to shopping the collection at Macy?s stores nearby, also including in-store, mobile incentives. The brand will also be targeting consumers with banner ads who have seen a Levi?s ad within a movie theater within a week of viewing, to keep Levi?s apparel on consumers? minds. 

The denim brand is also partnering with well-known musician Alicia Keys to appeal to a wider range of consumers. With a revamp of a staple collection, it is important to take every effort to effectively promote to line. 

Alicia Keys draws in female consumers that are likely to be interested in Levi?s denim, and encourages new customers as well. 

Shazam reinforcement
As the time spent with applications is increasingly relegated to a choice few, narrowly focused offerings such as Shazam has raced to broaden its appeal and leveraged its initial success for a more meaningful role in consumers? lives (see more). 

Target also gave consumers a new way to explore and purchase its products through Shazam, with users of the application able to scan any print or television ad to access shoppable content (see more). 

"Our Levi?s mobile strategy is consistent with our overall brand strategy to deliver on the following consumer needs, help me find the perfect fit, provide me with style inspiration, and give me my clothes when, where and how I want them, deliver convenience," Ms. Sey said. "For the women?s launch, education of the new collection and trial are key, so we are focusing our mobile efforts, beyond baseline media, on providing deeper experiences where the collection can be explored, finding the perfect fit and style inspiration and driving women in store to try on.

"Mobile is one of the most important components of all our media campaigns given increased usage behaviors for browsing and shopping on mobile devices," she said. "We will always focus on mobile technologies and mobile-first design to reach our consumers wherever they are and whenever they want to engage with us."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer