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53pc of marketers expect to shift majority of ad spend to mobile

The usage of mobile in consumer behavior is a continual upward trend, and as more technology is introduced it is likely to proceed, now becoming an essential aspect of modern life. Marketers are becoming more confident in dedicating significant effort to mobile advertising, as traditional ad formats are becoming less relevant. 

?For mobile across the board, advertiser optimism is extremely positive in all ad categories," said Ken Pearl, CEO of Perceptions Group. "Most advertisers continue to be optimistic and open to spending on mobile advertising."

Mobile ad spend
Advertisers are turning more towards mobile to reach consumers where they spend the most amount of time, and are becoming more optimistic in what the platform can do for marketing. According to research, 53 percent of marketers will allocating a majority of advertising budgets to mobile platforms. 

Consumers are also becoming more receptive to advertising within the mobile space, as marketers are starting to get a feel for tactics in best connecting with consumers. Brands will be using a variety of mobile platforms and techniques such as social media, various video footage and programmatic advertising. 
Marketers that do not jump into the mobile advertising game will be at a severe disadvantage, especially in the near future. Results have shown that this is where consumers are largely approachable, and advertisers are shifting their focus towards mobile. 

While mobile is definitely the front-runner in upcoming advertising spend, digital overall is being focused on as well. Marketers are planning on centering on social media, with 50 percent planning on increase spending on social, but video platforms and publishers are showing significant growth compared to past years as well. 

Marketing tactics
Marketers should also focus on investing in mobile search, as this platform shows the most substantial results, according to an analyst from BIA/Kelsey at Mobile Commerce Daily's Mobile Research Summit: Data & Insights 2015 (see more). 

Although there is clear shift towards mobile advertising, with the use of ad-blocking software spreading to mobile and likely to gain steam as it becomes more widely available, marketers should start paying closer attention to sponsored content and native ads on mobile (see more). 

"Our research based insights show consistently that the market is clearly moving in a mobile direction," Mr. Pearl said. "Advertisers must have a mobile strategy in place. 

"It is an absolute requirement," he said. "Media brands must also have a clear and distinct mobile strategy moving forward, if they can not provide a strong mobile offering they are clearly at a disadvantage.?

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer