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Groupon, StubHub match mobile dynamic ads to editorial content, avoiding ad blockers

Groupon, StubHub and Spotify are among a multitude of marketers hoping to circumvent the anti-advertising attitude of consumers through a solution that effectively pairs mobile ads with publishers' content. 

Mobile is increasingly facing ad-blockers and consumer aversion to interruptive advertising, forcing marketers to seek methods in reaching their audiences with appropriate and engaging content. While a significant amount of publishing traffic comes through mobile, marketers are leveraging a platform from URX which matches ads to content such as dynamic ads for a Beyoncé Spotify playlist appearing on an article about her performing in the Super Bowl. 

?Brands have been struggling to monetize the consumer shift to mobile, in part because they have tried to shoehorn existing desktop technologies to monetize their mobile traffic,? said Mike Fyall, vice president of product at URX. ?The key to making money and adding value to users lies in anonymously and accurately harnessing user intent.

?Our ability to understand what a user is interested in, in the moment accomplishes two things,? he said. ?First, it helps us target users who are much more likely to take the actions the marketer is looking to drive. 

?Second, it is a new focuses on intent in the moment, which we find to be a much more effective targeting signal for direct-response mobile marketing, versus behaviors that users have demonstrated in the past. Additionally, we have found that the speed of a mobile experience is critical to keeping users engaged and driving strong conversion rates.?

Marketing for mobile
Publishing partners such as Entertainment Weekly, Spin and FanSided are opening up their editorial pages on mobile for a more dynamic and effective advertising experience. Groupon, StubHub and Spotify are among the many marketers tapping into it to better appeal to readers on mobile, providing them with helpful experiences rather than interrupting their experiences. 

The ad solution, AppView Carousel, provides deep linking capability, allowing users to immediately complete an action, which eliminates many dropout rates, as well as increases clicks, engagement and purchases. 

A mobile user who is reading the article regarding Beyoncé at the Super Bowl on Entertainment Weekly is much more likely to purchase tickets to her concert on StubHub or listen to the artist?s playlist on Spotify, compared to someone who is reading an article on a different topic. While this is not true for every consumer, it provides a greater chance, as someone reading about the artist is likely to want to listen to her music or see her perform. 

Publishing performance
Other advertisers such as Lyft and OpenTable are taking advantage, as well as publishers sovrn, Disqus and Dancing Astronaut. The ad solution?s strategy not only helps advertisers but it also helps publishers provide a less frustrating mobile experience. 

?For publishers, the AppView Carousel also helps extinguish fires started by intrusive and ineffective mobile ads,? Mr. Fyall said. ?Instead of serving static, irrelevant ads, publishers can now use the AppView Carousel to bring useful, easy-to-navigate products directly into users? hands. 

?Contextual commerce with URX provides a complementary monetization platform that keeps users and readers coming back to publisher sites,? he said. ?By helping brands reach users with relevant and specific offers, publishers unlock new revenue streams, and users discover relevant content, the AppView Carousel marks a major step toward creating a healthy and thriving mobile ecosystem.?